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About Us


An EXCELLENT UNIVERSITY characterized by scholarship engagement for the community towards sustainable development.

Mission of the Institution

To give professional and technical training and provide arts, besides provide advanced and specialized instruction in literature, philosophy, the sciences and arts, besides providing for the promotion of technological researches. Hence, the BU graduates shall be distinguished by their industry, nationalism and integrity. Along this line, extension service to the community and resource generation through its various productive endeavors shall complement the university’s mandated instruction-research function.


Attainment of the highest quality of graduates with training on the different health courses and in research and extension services responsive to the needs of society.


1. To produce health care professionals who have acquired the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes for the promotion of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health and alleviation of suffering.
2. To retrain health care professionals who work in the Bicol area for the new directions and orientation needed in the development of the region.
3. To provide continuing education programs for health care professionals to produce high level expertise, responsible leadership and social responsiveness.
4. To develop in its students and graduates:

      • Awareness of the health needs of the community.
      • Work ethics and a commitment to service.
      • Managerial skills in nursing practice.
      • A research attitude and extension capabilities through the use of the nursing process.
      • Critical-thinking and decision-making.
      • Desirable values and attitudes towards self, others, and the profession.

5. To implement income-generating projects for the improvement of instructional facilities and services.