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About Us

It is the vision of the Graduate School of becoming a dynamic Center of Excellence for Graduate Education producing leaders and managers who are imaginative, innovative, empowered, technically-gifted , critical to addressing pressing societal needs; positive catalysts for regional, national, and global development and capable of surviving intense competition of a global environment in the 21st century.


The Graduate School shall primarily give professional and technical training, advanced and specialized instruction in education, philosophy, management, agriculture, peace and security studies, nursing, sciences and arts; raise greater consciousness for scientific and technological researches; conduct more responsive and relevant extension services to the community; and provide opportunities for the realization of the full potentials as individuals and as members of the community, society, and the global village, in its efforts to advance the frontiers of knowledge.


The Bicol University Graduate School shall attempt to fulfill its mission by offering curricular programs and spearheading research and extension projects that transmit and disseminate knowledge that is relevant to regional, national, and global development; preserving and disseminating our cultural heritage that promote national solidarity; and discovering new knowledge particularly in areas pertinent to regional, national, and global priorities.