Who We Are

An institution promoting Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service as its core values, Bicol University remains to be the premier state university in the Bicol Region.  It boasts of a population of 26,352 scholars for school year 2015-2016, served by 643 faculty and 332 nonteaching personnel.  Founded in 1969, it has risen to SUC Level IV status, a prestige it has enjoyed since 1998.  It is home to top notchers in the fields of Accountancy, Engineering, Midwifery, Nursing, Social Work and Education. 

As a comprehensive university, it caters to the needs of the society in the following fields:  
     •  Technology, Engineering, Architecture and Sciences  
     •  Arts and Letters, Culture, Recreation and Sports  
     •  Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries  
     •  Business and Entrepreneurship  
     •  Health and Medicine  
     •  Social Sciences  
     •  Education  

Bicol University Profile of Excellence

     •  Level III - Institutionally Accredited by AACCUP
•  Center of Excellence in Teacher Education  
     •  Center of Development in Nursing Education  
     •  Center of Development in Fisheries Education  
     •  Center for Higher Education Research  
     •  One of the 22 Leading SUCs in the Philippines  
     •  SUC Level IV by the DBM Standards  
     •  6th in General budget Appropriation  

     •  16th Biggest SUCs in Enrolment   

     •  5th Biggest among SUCs in Graduates  
     •  Base Agency for Bicol Consortium for Health Research and Development (BCHRD)  
     •  Base Agency for Bicol Consortium for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resource Research and              Development (BCAARD)  
     •  No. of AACCUP Accredited Programs:  
            Level IV (Qualified) – 3  
            Level III - 32 
            Level II – 27 
            Level I – 20  
     •  Top Performing School in PRC Licensure Examinations:  
          Accountancy             Nursing  
          Social Work              Education  
          Midwifery                  Engineering