Director's Corner


In deed  I am so blessed for being  commissioned as Director of this campus  because I will be  instrumental  in transforming  the minds of our students as  future leaders and change agents in this part of my home province the land of “ Kasangayahan.”   Transformation of the mind is the key to reach a destiny.  As St. Paul in his letter to the Romans 12: 2, stressed   “ Do not conform to the patterns  of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is-His good and pleasing perfect will.”  We as mentors in this university must be able to train our students well not only academically and  competently but as well as in character and right positive mindset, because it will establish  the altitude of every achievement in life. For what the mind can conceive it can be achieved.

Along this premise, the campus has chosen all academically prepared faculty with passion to give the best instruction service that would enable the students to become more inspired to learn and achieve more. Students from all courses will have an entrepreneurial mindset focused on the ability to become innovative, creative,  productive,  have the wisdom that passes all understanding, desire to create their own employment and become an employer in the long run.

The campus will try its best to adhere to the vision of the University President that all faculty, students  and personnel will have the culture of engaging in researches that will contribute to the development of the society through its extension function.

In Extension, I  visualize that BUGC will be able to establish more demonstration farms utilizing the researches of the faculty contributing to our  nations  industry and economic upliftmrnt. BUGC will be a hall of famer as the Best Extension Implementor of the University where  more farmers, fisher folks, youth and  women will be trained with skills that would give them the ability to produce wealth.  

For the physical facilities, the campus will be much improved with  better landscape,  classroom building, IT facilities and the like, and will make it as the most livable place in the vicinity. The BUenavista site will be slowly developed as the “Surfing Campus of the University”,  while the old site will serve as a venue  to offer  graduate school and technical skills development center. I believe that God will bestow on us all the inputs  that we need because “ when God gives vision He gives provisions.”  In fulfilling this, let us all join hands together and put in action the wisdom of applying the strategies bestowed upon us. 

Generally, I can boldly say that with our passion and synergy, we will  accomplish the tasks well. Greater things are yet  to come, greater  things  are yet to be done  for this Campus.  Our dreams are the driving force that would continue to flame the fire in us  to desire more, serve well, and reach out for more people in advancing Bicol Universities' territory. 

Finally, I  am grateful  to  God Almighty who gave us the Spirit of  Wisdom, Strength and  Joy of Serving others. Let us make God our partner in all our endeavors because it is He who blesses the works of our hands.  For…… “ Many are the plans in a person's heart, but it  is  the LORD's purpose that prevails.”  Proverbs 19:21

  To God be all the Glory!  



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