UP and BU Law partner for conduct of FGDs for improved legal profession and education

Friday October 18,2019


In their pursuit to further improve the quality of the legal profession and education in the Philippines, the academics from the University of the Philippines (UP) Law Center partnered with Bicol University College of Law (BUCL) for the conduct of a Focus Group Discussions (FGD) involving representatives of concerned Bicolano sectors.

The FGDs were held at the BUCL library located at the Aquilino P. Bonto Building in the Main Campus, headed by UP College of Law professor and Legal Education Board (LEB) consultant Atty. Tanya Lat, last October 16 and 17.

The talks, divided in a series of sessions, involved gathering the informative and opinionated inputs from representatives of various sectors who employ the services of lawyers and legal professionals, including those from the academic, religious, business, private, and public institutions.

The FGD held in BU is one of the many similar gatherings organized by the UP Law Center throughout the Philippines. These substantial data are collected for their study on how to improve the legal practice by formulating solutions like changes in the curriculum of law schools.

Upon her arrival in the university, Atty. Lat first paid a courtesy visit to BU President Dr. Arnulfo M. Mascariñas, accompanied by BUCL Dean Atty. Hardy Aquende.  In her visit, Atty. Lat was accompanied by the UP Law Center’s Legal Education Specialist Atty. Renee Fopalan.

The activity, including the official partnership of UP Law and BU Law, was made possible by BUCL Dean Atty. Hardy Aquende and BU’s Chief Administrative Officer Atty. Norly P. Reyes. Along with the visiting fellow law students from other law schools in the Bicol region, the BUCL students were also present during the activity, both as participants and facilitators.