8,502 BU students graduate for 2018

Monday April 16,2018

A total of 8,502 students were given their diplomas as this year’s official graduates of Bicol University, culminating their years of academic perseverance. The graduates from the main and external campuses saw the conclusion of their college life during the university’s “graduation week” held from April 7 to 14, 2018.

The commencement exercises of the main campus and the extended campuses were done separately but uniformed as per BU’s tradition. Aside from the students and their families, the BU administration, faculty and staff were also in full-force to witness the achievement the event.

Dr. Arnulfo Mascariñas, SUC President IV, welcomed everyone in attendance. According to the president, the university expects the graduates to be agents of positive change in their community.

The traditional imposition of the hood and BU ‘alampay’ to the graduates were done. After that, the graduates were given their opportunity to come up the stage to have their diplomas conferred to them.

Before the ceremonies drew to a close, the graduates recited their pledge of loyalty to their alma mater followed by the singing of the BU Hymn.

Main Campus Commencement Exercise

The graduating batch of 2018 of BU’s Main Campus took the stage for the university’s 48th Commencement Exercises, held last April 07 at the BU Sports Complex in Legazpi City. These graduates are from BU’s Main, East and Daraga campuses, while the satellite campuses, namely the College of Agriculture and Fisheries, Polangui, Gubat and Tabaco campuses, held their separate graduation rites.

Bicol University Main Campus had 3508 undergraduate students and 161 graduate school students who were then incorporated as alumni of Bicol University. From a total of 3669 graduates, six were proclaimed as Magna Cum Laude, 727 as Cum Laude, and 25 graduated with academic distinction.

Dr. Ronald Adamat, commissioner from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and chairperson of BU’s Board of Regents (BOR) was commencement speaker who enlivened the occasion with his wit address the crowd with his message.

“As graduates and future professionals, you have the moral obligation to set examples of uprightness, goodness, industry, creativity and diligence,” stated Dr. Adamat in his address. “Education outcome would be more relevant and responsive if it carries with them the needed values, virtues and god habits that you can adopt one you leave the portals of your alma mater,” he explained.

Referring to the theme of the commencement exercise on “Coalescing Innovation and Creativities for Social Transformation”, Dr. Adamat further stressed the imposed challenge to every graduate and that is becoming productive and transformative citizens, imbued with an unwavering sense of responsibility.


BU-Polangui Campus Commencement Exercise

Last April 11, 2018, it was the graduating batch of BU Polangui Campus’ turn to be honoured as they held their 38th Commencement Exercises.

A total of 1,499 students graduated from BUPC this year, including one magna cum laude, 60 cum laude and five students with academic distinction. 934 students of this batch are graduates of degree courses, while 565 are of non-degree courses.

Likewise, the graduates were confirmed by BU President Mascariñas. As their guest commencement speaker, George M. Colorado Ph.D., Director IV of CHED-Region 5 addressed the students during the event.

BU-Tabaco Campus Commencement Exercise

On April 12, the graduates of BU Tabaco Campus took the spot light as they held their 48th Commencement Exercises at the BUTC’s Lagman Gymnasium.

A total of 655 students composed BUTC’s graduating batch of 2018, including 33 cum laude and three students with academic distinction. 289 of these students are of non-degree courses, while 366 are of degree courses.

The graduation rite of BUTC was graced by the presence of Senator Cynthia Villar, chairperson of the Philippine Senate’s Agriculture and Food Committee, as the gathering’s commencement speaker.

BU-CAF Commencement Exercise

Next to be honoured on ‘graduation week’ were the graduating students of BU’s College of Agriculture and Fisheries in Guinobatan, Albay, who had their 48th Commencement Exercises last April 13, 2018.

BUCAF had 481 graduating students for 2018, composed of 450 students who finished degree courses and 41 students for non-degree courses. This year, BUCAF also managed to produce 12 cum laude and two graduates with academic distinction.

As their commencement speaker, BUCAF was visited by AKO BICOL Congressman during the said graduation ceremony.

BU-Gubat Campus Commencement Exercise

As the last campus to hold their graduation rites for 2018’s graduation week, BU’s Gubat Campus. held their 15th Commencement Exercise last April 14, 2018, at the Gubat National High School’s Gymnasium.

BUGC, the university’s only campus outside Albay province, boasted of 607 graduates for 2018. This includes 77 cum laude and 5 graduates with academic distinction. The batch is composed of 431 students from the degree courses and 176 from the non-degree courses.

As their guest speaker, the graduates were commended by Senator Francis Joseph “Chiz” Escudero.

“As our national hero Jose Rizal once said: ‘The youth is the hope of our nation’. But, I beg to differ, because hope connotes something that is yet to arrive,” said the senator. “Being young and inexperienced is not a disadvantage. During your time in school, you have learned and was guided, but this time, use your youthful strength to contribute to the welfare of your nation,” he explained.